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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  March 10, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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parents like me. >> you want your kid to go to college. >> that's not a bad thing. you love your kids. >> of course. you can't be blamed for that. andrew, it is a pleasure. congratlation on the book entitled "crazy u." a humorous look at the parent/child relationship along with the more serious issues we were just discussing. that will do it for us today. i'm dylan ratigan. workers of the world you night. let's pay "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matt thews in washington. leading off tonight, the ash wednesday ambush. the republicans have won their battle with the unions in wisconsin. their clever maneuver last night got them what they wanted but as my hero winston churchill said, there are two kinds of success, initial and ultimate.
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this issue has fired up democrats around the country much in the way that the health care debate energized republicans last year. the democrats hope to turn the republicans victory this march into a defeat this november. plus, when republican peter king announced his hearings on the radicalization of muslims he probably didn't imagine this to be the image everyone remembers. >> mohammad was a fellow american who gave his life for other americans. his life should not be identified as just a member of the ethnic group or just a member of a religion, but as an american who gave everything for his fellow americans. >> that was the emotional reaction of congressman keith ellison to this whole thing. one of the two muslims in congress, he is. talking about a muslim technician who died in the world trade center on 9/11. the question for peter king, are these hearings more likely to curb islamic extremism or defeat in the growing perception that his party, the republicans, are
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fear mongerers. also, is anyone trying to defend his infidelity with an excuse like the one newt gingrich is dishing out or test driving that his patriotism got him to do it. my question tonight, how does such con techlt, how is gingrich using this contempt for the religious voters he is trying to win, how is it going to make him look good. speaking of newt, why is the gop allowing him and mike huckabee to steal the spotlight? where are the grownups in the republican party this year? and let me finish with the target of the muslim radicalization. he's not a muslim. we'll start with the ash wednesday ambush in wisconsin last night where the state assembly followed one the senate did last night bypassing a bill stripping collective bargaining rights from public unions. we have a state senator from wisconsin and john nickles has been covering this story for the nation. senator cox, it looks like they
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really went all the way string away all labor rights, all collective bargaining rights, you can't do anything but stay somewhere below the cost of living and basically what else, well, what is in this bill? it seems like it is the worst example of what you can do with one party in control. your thoughts. >> well, that's absolutely true. it is desperation, and this is not what democracy looks like or should look like. what you have basically is 18 republicans stole democracy from the people in the state of wisconsin. they were saying this is about the budget, this is about the fiscal deficit that we are in, and yet what they did last night was they stripped out all the fiscal and left in that terrible, terrible policy that hurts the workers' rights and the working families in the state of wisconsin. you won't be able to bargain for your hours, you won't be able to bargain for your safety, it is just a brazen, desperate attempt by the republican party,
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especially the governor walker, to lock in those 18 republican senators because there were so many of them who will be getting waivered because we have gotten recalls against all of them. >> well, the minority leader of the state assembly. peter barkered last night. watch. >> if there's any doubt as to whether good cause exists, the governmental body should provide 24 hours' notice. this is clearly a violation of the means law. you have been shutting people down. it is improper for you to move forward while this is a violation of the means law. you are not allowing the amendments and that is wrong. now, mr. chairman, this is a violation of law! this is not just a rule, it is the law! you must -- mr. chairman, this is a violation of the open meetings law. >> well, they walked out on him, senator, so what do you make of the assemblyman barca's case,
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the law of the senate out there, your body is that you need a 24-hour notice to have a vote. can you use that to stop this from becoming sflau. >> absolutely. >> you say absolutely, but how do you do it? >> well, what we are going to do is use the courts initially to try to see if we can join this conduct that has happened because quite frankly they did violate the 24-hour rule, they did not have a draft of the bill in front of them. i don't think they have a draft at this particular time, so the vote on the bill without a draft is also illegal. but they did what they did illegally and it was a tactic they used. we feel that tactic is going to back fire against them. the people in the state of wisconsin are not going to stand for that. as you can tell last night, thousands of people came to the capitol because of this terrible, terrible boat vote that they took last night and
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today. and they will continue to come. so today it was the vote, tomorrow is the recall. >> well, let's talk about this with john nichols from the nation. it looks like this measure that went through last night and today especially was so harsh, not only does it take away real collective bargaining, you can't get anything better than the cost of living, you can't get that perhaps, but no longer can earn paycheck deductions so the unions aren't getting their dues and furthermore you don't have to pay dues to compensate to anybody, even if you don't want to join the union. this is a union-crushing measure. your thoughts. >> well, it is a union crushing major, chris. and senate majority leader scott fitzgerald acknowledged as much in an interview on another network yesterday in which he said this will help us to beat obama in wisconsin in 2012. there's been clear acknowledgment from the republicans that they want to weaken the republican employee unions, not merely because of
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politics but because these are the strongest forces in wisconsin to raise issues of concern to public services and education. so this is really about shutting down a functional debate. >> john, senator, here's governor walker saying earlier today talking about the vote last night, i call the ash wednesday ambush. let's listen. >> for the remainder of this year it allows us to save $30 million which allows us to save 1,500 jobs. and for the next two years thereafter the next budget it gives us at the state level the equivalent of $00 million worth of savings, which allows us to save some 5,000 to 6,000 jobs. >> what can you do now, senator, can you recall the governor or recall any of the state senators you work with or the republicans who pulled this off last night? >> well, eight republican senators are under recall currently. senator albert darling over the past weekend, 27% of the cig hurt signatures needed to recall
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were gathered. 27% of the signatures were gather against another senator. we have four others where we'll probably be able to take that recall and defeat those senators. so in a sense they won this battle, but we, the people, will win the war because the people in the state of wisconsin have a long tradition of fairness. and this wreaked of unfairness. this is where they said, we want you to come back from illinois. we went to illinois because our voice was not being heard. then what they did was ignored our voice and they wanted us to stay in illinois to take the illegal vote yesterday. >> can you knock them out this november? can you move that quickly with the recall process? >> well, the recall process is moving very, very swiftly, within 60 days they are going to have enough signatures to recall at least eight republican senators. and if we can get four of those people out by recall, we can retake the senate. now, with scott walker, the clock is ticking away because in
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january of 2012 there are going to be people who are going to gather signatures for scott walker and people say, you may need up to 500,000 signatures, well, if you look at the numbers of people coming to the capitol, getting that many signatures will not be that hard. >> but that's only the beginning, right, you still have to beat them in a recall vote, right? the signatures don't knock them out of office, do they? >> absolutely. the momentum we get is so great. >> let me go back to john nichols on this. we'll talk about this politically nationwide. this is a national fight. everybody is watching wisconsin. the president, is he off duty here? has the president failed to get out -- i mean, jesse jackson is out there with a labor dispute. the president is not there, should he be there? what's your call? >> i think the president -- well, i have to tell you the president is probably been wise to stay away. the fact of the matter is that this has not been a purely partisan fight in wisconsin. when you go into these crowds at
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the capitol you meet many republicans, many corrections officers, many police officers, who aren't you typical liberal democrat. and right now what's happened in wisconsin is that barack obama has yielded a great benefit from this without actually having to invest very much. there will come a point, however, where you see draconian moves at this time and there will be a greater demand on this president to speak up to say where he stands in regard to governors who seem to be adopting what one legislator here in wisconsin has referred to as dictatorial power. >> back to politics in wisconsin, senator coggs. your party lost the senate seat last november, you lost the governorship and legture. why didn't you fight harder to take control? it looks like you are a victim now because you lost an election and they are using the election to beat your brains in. >> well, you know what happens in wisconsin, one-third is democrat, one-third is republican, and one-third is
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independents. unfortunately, we lost the independents last time but governor walker is in the last few republican polls has shown that his favorability numbers are in the 30%. so we are also showing that the independents are swinging our way. so everything is in our direction. yesterday wasn't a great moment for the state of wisconsin at all, but it has shown a light on this bad news repair budget. and it also shown a lot on the character of our governor and the republicans who are just trying to steal democracy from the state of wisconsin. >> so let's go through what you've got in your order at battle. you have a court case pending here where you can possibly join the senate in wisconsin and madison. they didn't give 24-hour notice. you have recall petitions working against a number of the state senators who voted on this thing, right? and you are going to gear up for the next election and take it seriously this time. just a thought. >> well, we are going to take it seriously. we are going to take it seriously and we'll have the nation helping us.
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people from all over the country have come. this is not home grown, this is not astro turf, the movement in wisconsin, but we are having people from all over the country helping us to go forwards and move forward. because in wisconsin our motto is forward. so we are on a momentous swing like you would not believe. last night was not pretty, but tomorrow we will survive and we will thrive. >> you are talking to a guy who loves natural turf. thank you very much. in all sports of events such as this, thank you sir. state senator spencer coggs in illinois. john nichols on site in madison for "nation" magazine. coming up, emotions run high in peter king's testimony. we'll get to this in a second. this scene today with keith ellison is in the history books with the mccarthy hearings. what did it accomplish? king has problems. he went out to do something today and got the opposite thrown at him. we'll be back with what happened today in the hearings of the so-called radicalization of
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welcome back. republican congressman peter king took the spotlight today with as much derided hearings on the radicalization of american-muslims. many democrats on the homeland security objected to the nature
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and scope of today's hearingses say they demonized and targeted a minority religious group. and democratic congressman keith ellison, one of two muslims in the u.s. congress, testified and clearly choked up when he paid tribute to a muslim-american paramedic who lost his life in the 9/11 terrorist attacks at the world trade center. let's listen, watch and remember. >> he bravely sacrificed his life to try to help others on 9/11. after the tragedy some people tried to smear his character solely because of his islamic faith. some people spread false rumors and speculated that he was with the attackers because he was muslim, but it was only when his remains were identify ied that
5:18 pm
these lives were exposed. >> well, today's hearings prevent islamic terrorism or feed into the right wing's game of stoking irrational fears about the muslim faith? laura richardson of california's homeland security committee was opposed to today's hearings. congresswoman, it reminds me of the hears in march of 1954 when mccarthy went one way and the country went the other way. you go too far in this country and people begin to dislike you. what do you think happened today? >> well, you know, chris, i think this was an all-time low for congress. i think peter king showed a disrespect for the house because he discriminated. he chose to choose one religious group over looking at the e vailuations of all of them. and that's wrong. that's not what this congress is about. and i think he misused the power and got the punishment for it, which was he hit a total bust on this one. >> what do you think -- what do you think is the appropriate way of dealing with terrorism in this country? is there an appropriate way to
5:19 pm
determine if someone has been radicalized to the point where they are part of the terrorist threat? is that something that should be done by the fbi quietly or something done by police officials and by people who warn people, warn police about a problem and left out of the political spear, how would you do it if you were in charge? >> first of all, it takes a total approach. peter king in his point about the community approach, yes, we have to make sure that parents are informed, teachers are informed, classmates are informed, other adults are in informed, to know what to look for. but it is also, as you said, the professionals, and that's where peter king failed today. he didn't have a single professional there who could document and validate really the hate that he spoke. the bottom line was this, i brought forward on february 9th, we had mr. lightheart, the director of the national counter terrorism, i asked the very question, some say that it is okay, how would you view, how many people are you looking at that are muslim-american? and his answer was a minute
5:20 pm
amount. peter king was pushing his own particular agenda, and i think today it came to fruition. sheriff bocca was an excellent witness. >> he's republican jeff dunkin of south carolina talking of the weird threat that the law is taking over america. these are real conspiracy theorists that are wacky and say sharea is taking over. i don't know what they are talking about sometimes. let's listen. >> i am regularly astonished and outraged, outraged by this administration's continued failure to single out who are enemy is. an issue that is of particular concern to me and my constituents is the threat of sharea law to the united states constitution. do you feel the u.s. government has done an adequate job learning about islam and how islamic doctrines affect muslims residing in america and how does islamic doctrine and the law
5:21 pm
shade the responsible law enforcement efforts that target islamist jihad? >> there's a reading of nonsense. there's no sharea law in the united states. we have a court system based on modern principles of justice. congress woman, listen to this montage of republican stoking fear about islam in this country. this is the whole radio belt and political belt of craziness trying to scare us. let's listen. >> okay. >> how we don't have some kind of movement in this country on the left that understands that shrea is a direct mortal tleft to directly every value that the left has. it is really one of the most interesting historical questions. we should have a federal law that says under no circumstance in any jurisdiction in the united states will sharea be used by any court to apply to any judgment made about american law. >> i believe that i can make a
5:22 pm
case in the end that there are three powers that you'll see really emerge. one, a muslim calofake that controls the mideast and parts of europe. >> i could really anger some people if i said let's compare the must remember number of muslims who have been nobel prize winners to the number of yous who have been nobel prize winners and i don't think it is a contest. >> my thoughts are these. first of all, dearborn, michigan, and frankford, texas, are on american soil and under constitution law, not sharia law. >> congresswoman, i don't know whether to call them a band of it in wits or what. i don't think any word captures that kind of fear mongering. they are talking about sharia taking over. these are feel with high iqs no one contests the iq of any of these guys, but most of them are smart people. and they are out selling this stuff.
5:23 pm
fear against muslims taking over secretly using the president who they claim sort of secretly is a muslim too. >> you know, chris, you hit right on the point. this is about fear and creating horror with the american people. if you look at the facts, the homeland security solution institute said that 26%, yes, of the potential flopts that have come to america, 26%, but what about the 23.3% of white supremecists? this is about fear of one particular group. and i want to hit one point really clear. peter king, he puttered out today, why? he didn't prove when he said two tests he wanted to meet. one, why was it that it was a narrow gap considering muslim-americans alone? and the only professional there to testify hit the point that it is not just muslim-americans. two, he said that they were not participating and working with law enforcement. and sheriff bacca hit that one as well. so i think what happened today was peter king, all he could resort to was fear and showing two parents who had had a
5:24 pm
tremendous los. come to my district. i can show you 100 parents who have lost and who their children have been radicalized by the local gang in our neighborhood. >> i'll tell you what's coming on the front page of the newspaper, it will be keith ellison, with his very emotional demonstration, his americanism and patriotism today and not peter king. thank you so much, u.s. congresswoman laura richardson of california. alejandro botel, thank you for joining us tonight. i was wondering how this is going to play. let's talk about how it will play in the american-muslim community. what are the people in dearborn, the people all over new jersey and all over the country, people of the muslim faith, how are they going to react to the show trial today in the u.s. congress? into well, i think the muslim-american community is seeing it for what it is, which is first and foremost play tan political theater rather than actual problem solving. and that as recognizing as such that they are going to reject this sort of bigotry at hand and continue to try to strive
5:25 pm
forward and make their voices heard and be included as part of the society. >> what do you think is the republican -- i have to say partisan because i think there's a big partisan piece to this, maybe not all partisan out there in wisconsin, but this thing, when you have republicans, the latest numbers are somewhere between one-third or more of republicans believe president obama is a muslim. they don't say there's nothing wrong with it, they say there's something wrong with it and he is it. that's 31. "time" magazine has 46%. that includes a lot of smart suburbanites who went to college, too. they are included in the list. that's staggering. they accuse him as part of the group and demonize him and the group. what's going on? maybe i answered it. >> you are hitting the nail on the head there, and a that islam and muslims are being used as a social wedge issue right now and that really what we see here as a community is that there's a cottage industry of folks using this to beth politically and
5:26 pm
financially profiteer off the fear of muslims when the muslim-americans here are hard-working citizens trying to secure the safety of our nation and contributing every which way possible to make our country prosperous. >> that seems to be my assessment. it looks like a witch trial. there really are islamic people and they are really hurting them. there are really people hear getting hurt. thank you, alejandro, for coming on. up next, new jersey governor chris christie is the hottest thing republicans have going on for them. just watch what one female voter told the governor. this is fun stuff, actually. i guess we can use humor tonight. a town hall tonight in jersey. check it out next on "sideshow." there's chris christie right there, can't miss him. "hardball" coming back on msnbc. yellowbook has always been crucial to your business,
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back to "hardball." time for the "sideshow." "the new york times" came out with a front page critical of new jersey governor chris christie. a governor's blunt talk isn't always straight. the times reports chris christie's misstatements, exaggerations and claims but why the national image. he's a blunt talker who gives straight answers to hard questions, especially about budgets and labor relations. candor is central to mr. christy's appeal and the review of his public statements over the past year shows some of them do not hold up to scrutiny. tough reporting. perhaps this moment at a town hall yesterday cushioned the blow. >> and i think having a governor that is smart and that has the perseverance to do what is right is hot and sexy. >> let me just say that -- i'm
5:31 pm
going to ask you before you leave here to write a note to my wife -- comments like a that after 25 years will keep her on her toes. she won't take me for granted. >> senator christie is a more natural politician than any republican out there. hell hath no fury. the former chief of staff and husband of the woman the senator had an affair with. his reaction to his retirement announcement the other day doesn't come soon enough. he is under ethnics investigation stemming from the affair. hampton who had to talk to investigators went after his former candidate yesterday, quote, the cost to the taxpayers of this fruitless exercise flies in the face of john's claim of being fiscally conservative and a protector of the taxpayer's money. much like his affair with my wife flew in the face of local
5:32 pm
righteousness. it is an interesting argument and a tough one. i think this senator has himself an enduringed a have to air. the national journal here asked republican insiders which 2012 candidates had their fortunes rise the most over the past few months. these are the top mid standings of indiana. tim pawlenty of minnesota tied for the top spot with daniels stocks on the rise. i wouldn't be surprised, however, that the insiders picked the most boring candidates. up next, newt gingrich's bonus i love my country too much about his marital affair be enough to win the republican nomination? i don't think so. what about women, will they buy the newt stuff? it is unbelievable what he's saying. you are watching "hardball" on msnbc. unbelievable. it helps the largest of companies seize opportunity like the smallest of startups. it's the network-- the intelligent, secure cisco network
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good evening. i'm simon hobbs with your cnbc market wrap. stocks plunging today on the virtual grab bag of global sense. the dow jones industrials sinking 228 points to finish below 12,000. is s&p 500 tumbling 25. the nasdaq 50. renewed concerns about european debt. many look to the dollar as a safe haven bet as oil and gold metal prices along with the euro fell besides stocks. we had a bunch of separate factors coming together to stir up lingering jitters about europe, including a mid-east downgrade of spain's credit rating. in addition to that word that china's trade deficit soared to $7.3 billion in february, the largest gab in seven years. there were bright spots. starbucks and green mountain roasters both soaring on word they will be teaming up to take on the booming single serve
5:37 pm
market. and jumping after the fda approved new lupus drug it correct yachted, the first new drug for 50 years. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. now back to "hardball." the times in my life partially driven by how passionate i felt about this country, but i worked far too hard and the things happened in my life that were not appropriate. >> you can say anything. the guy can say anything. welcome back to "hardball." that's annuity gingrich, no way to talk about this guy. christian broadcasting network gave him the chance to say something about his marital infidelities, he brought up his passion for the country leading him to the troubled area and hard work. the work ethic caused his troubles.
5:38 pm
here's reaction today from the washington monthly calling him a political animal. the column reads, if gingrich thinks the public finds this persuasive, the public has lost its mind. it's not the infi did tell, it's the air grans, hypocrisy, and most horrifying to women voters, the trulty. ladies, thank you for coming on. i have covered politics forever, and i have heard nothing like this. this let it alone, nobody is perfect, let it alone as part of your past, but he's going help with the christian broadcast. he came through with this -- you often use the word incredible, this is incredible. here's newt gingrich on the christian broadcasting network with host david brody. let's listen. >> this is a question, i'm not going to ask it the way everybody else asks it, but as it relates to the past and some
5:39 pm
of the personal issues you have had, you talked about god being a forgiving god. i would like you to expand upon that as you went through some of those difficulties, how you saw god's forgiving nature in all of that. >> well, i mean, first of all, there's no question that times in my life, partially driven by how passionately i felt about this country, that i worked far too hard, and the things happened in my life that were not appropriate. and what i can tell you is that when i did things that were wrong, i was entrapped in situation ethics and doing things wrong, yet i was doing them. i found that i felt compelled to seek god's forgiveness. >> you know, the two excuses there that he brought up in front, i think he's starting to cover for them later in the dialogue there. but first of all he said, it was partially driven by how passionately he felt about his country and how hard he worked. he's explaining a couple divorces there.
5:40 pm
why does he feel to make ludicrous excuses for his behavior? why not say i messed up and move on. >> whoever is advising him is giving the most bad advice. the most appropriate thing he should have done would to not only apologize to the ex-wives but to apologize for the american public. women are looking at this, the conservative voting base is looking at this and an apology is more important than anything else. i did wrong, this is between me and god, but i did something very terrible and regret it. that's what the public is looking for, not this happened partially because i loved my country so much and worked too hard. >> why is he doing this, why is he running for president with all his baggage and weighing into the religious part of the republican party? he's not running on taxes and government, he's running on up the values front. he's moved into the iowa evangelical crowd. he wants to run in the western conference i'm calling it. why is he doing this to us? >> first of all, there's a great gaping gap in the republican
5:41 pm
field. >> you have santorum out there. he's not good either. >> right, but he's looked at the motto huckabee had last time. if you win the iowa caucus you get attention and money. you get a second look. and so he knows that if he wants to go play in iowa, romney probably won't go to iowa, he's got to at least play to the middle and he's counting on something george bush used when running in 2000, which is the idea the evangelical crowd, which is a good christian idea that i agree with, is forgiveness. he is looking for redemption and forgiveness. if you read into the interview, he's obviously been -- >> he's spinning. >> he's a hypocrite. >> he's using his past behavior, which would normally be baggage, and turning it into a winning argument. because i'm a chris khan, catholic, all this stuff, vote for me because of my past. it is like a -- it is claiming victory over something -- how does that -- how do you put that
5:42 pm
against obama with the perfect marriage, the perfect kids, never done anything wrong. he's a man reprimanded with all kind of problems in the ethnics house of representatives, all kinds of marital stuff going own, and he puts it up against president obama saying i'm a better man than him. based on what, forgiveness? >> i don't think you are going to say he's a better man than obama at least when it comes to virtues. i think what you are seeing with newt gingrich is that 26% of the nation is evangelical. if you look at republicans, if you look at conservatives, that number is enormous. he's dealing with the issue because the election is in 20126789 he's dealing with it early to pivot. >> i'm going to explode here. i'm going to explode. he's the same guy that claims to be a good christian out there saying obama is a kenyan, a mau-mau, he is throwing this slime at the other guy. at the same time he says god forgives me and keeps throwing this line. he wants it both ways.
5:43 pm
does he have anything in his head to say he's a clown? >> he is slightly a gift to the democrats as is huckabee because you win presidential nominations on the d side or r side by being disciplined and working hard. these guys are forgetting -- >> they have thick skin. if you look at -- this is horrible what -- >> obama with every thing ethnically, the secret code, the dog whistle, this guy is black from over there with a long name, he's one of them. he's secretly inspiring to push the mau-mau to kill the white people. he has the whole number and shrinks back to this religious convert, love me because god forgave me and vote for me. >> you just made his argument. he's running on patriotism. >> they didn't mess around. >> he's patriotic. >> it is not going to work. >> driven by how passionately i if he felt for the country. where's the connection? >> there's no connection.
5:44 pm
the advice he was given was rubbish. >> look at him. >> the bottom line is the decision is his. >> does he look like he needs help in that department? >> look, he made a bad decision and will realize it. we are all talking about this. he's made a very bad she decision. >> he's saying he's an evangelical. >> that's his basis. >> i really did this because i was working too hard and was distracted and kept my eye on the ball but i'm patriotic and not all these horrible things. >> and like you, i'm scared of that black man in the white house also. that's part of the argument. >> thank you for saying it. michelle bernard, jenny boccus. i haven't seen you in a while. thank you for coming back. coming up, the republican party is willing to speak out against the crazy talk from newt and huckabee. it is a clown show. that's ahead. you are watching "hardball" on msnbc.
5:45 pm
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secretary of state hillary clinton said to the today the united states should take military steps against libya. testifying on capitol hill clinton said no fly zones didn't ask dictators in iraq or kosovo and if the united states gets involved in libya on its own it will have unforeseen consequence. i agree with her. clinton heads to egypt next week to push for democratic reforms and meet with the libyan opposition members. that should be interesting. the obama administration did take one step today suspending relations with the libyan embassy here in washington. "hardball" back after this. [ woman ] nine iron, it's almost tee time.
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well, thanks a lot. or as president obama would say, you're welcome. >> the united states of america is not going to become the united states of europe, not on our watch. >> the government does not loan power to you, and that is the fundamental division between most americans and the secular socialist people around obama. >> guys, he's a muslim, with a radical black church and a secular human. they are hitting him with every direction. that was the scene monday this week in iowa with a few of the people thinking about running for president as newt gingrich tashs trashes the president, he talks about his kenyan upbringing. where are the plausible contenders speaking out against this stuff. politico's jonathan martin was just out there and the huffington post's sam stein. you were out there watching this show, what is it about iowa that
5:50 pm
makes it an extraordinary place to pick a president if you are a republican? is it all religion, is it all values, can a guy like newt break in, does huckabee own if he goes in, what goes on out there? >> half of the iowa caucus goers on the republican side are born again or evangelical. as low as again, evangelical. it's about half. if you are someone who's a practicing catholic or a born again christian and you are running, chris, on those kinds of issues related to faith, talking about issues like gay marriage and like abortion right, then you're going to have built in appeal. look back to robertson in '88 who came in second place and beat a sitting vice president. every four years, there's always a quarter of a vote or more for a cultural conservative in this state. >> that's why mitt romney and john mccain stay out of there. >> right. they saw h.w. bush come in third in '88. they see folks like, you know,
5:51 pm
gary -- >> why is it a useful place for republicans to pick nominees if the more fringy people win out there. you said santorum is doing well out there. what's the point of nominating a guy like santorum? >> it gives people who don't otherwise have an opening, aren't famous nationally a chance. jimmy carter is an example. >> let's take a look. here's george will saying the plausible sands, he likes mitch daniels, haley barbour, huntsman, mitt romney. he says these other guys are just having fun, they're buffoons, raising crazy issues. they're not going to be president, not going to be the nominee. what's your thinking? >> i think george will is probably right.
5:52 pm
let's go back to i iowa and the candidates they produce. they don't go on to win the nomination. george h.w. bush did get the nomination, bob dole got the nomination. iowa is a good place to serve as a launching pad and institutionally helps support the more evangelical, what liberals would say crazier candidates out there, but it doesn't mean they're going to be the republican nominee in the end. >> although dole did win in '96. >> he won because he's from a neighboring state. >> and grassley endorsed him. bush won pretty convincingly in 2000 there. it is possible for an establishment candidate to win. >> here's david brooks who told "time" magazine, newt gingrich is not going to be president. i wouldn't let that guy run a 7-eleven let alone the country. what is newt going to be doing?
5:53 pm
>> folks on the ground there are polite, but they bring up the baggage. that's the euphemism for someone who has had an affair. >> he was reprimanded by the house. >> if pay plin is not going to ? who's on the right? somebody like santorum or bachmann -- >> this is bottom feeding. they have a good 50-50 shot of beating the president next november. why aren't the heavyweights in this race? >> someone like a romney is not going to spend the amount of time there he did four years ago. mccain proved that you don't have to win iowa to win the nomination. so if romney can come in a gentleman's second or third there, his spin is going to be that's okay, if he wins new hampshire. >> last thought, real quick, sam? >> he's going to balance it out, too. hillary clinton didn't want to play in iowa either and she got
5:54 pm
sucked into it. >> it's a very good thing when a party has a good shot on the presidency and they're wasting it so far. when we return, let me finish with what i think petr king's hearings did today and how they fit on this attack on president obama. it is partisan. it really is. trouble is it backfired on those guys. what do you see yourself doing after you do retire? client comes in and they have a box. and inside that box is their financial life. people wake up and realize. "i better start doing something." we open up that box. we organize it. and we make decisions. we really are here to help you. they look back and think "wow. i never thought i could do this." but we've actually done it. [ male announcer ] visit and put a confident retirement more within reach. wonder where the durango's been for the last two years? well, it toured around europe, getting handling and steering lessons on those sporty european roads.
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"let me finish" tonight with a cold fact that a third of republicans now say our president is is a muslim. a campaign against his birth and his faith has succeeded to a point where only a third of the people in this country, all of the people, view him as a christian. with a number percentage of people saying they don't know what he is. it's in that backdrop that a hearing was held today about the muslim community. are we getting truth from this national discussion being led by the republicans coming from the far right? are we? or are we getting propaganda aimed at marginalizing the islamic community and with it, president obama himself. listen to the claims that the united states is being subverted by sharia law. listen to newt gingrich pushing this talk. that america is having sharia imposed on it. by whom? who's advocating for laws of the
5:59 pm
koran? no names are given because there are none. somehow it's obama, the president himself conspireing in this goal of having the america be a country ruled by the koran, something newt gingrich now calls a mortal threat. this scare tactic is being heard at the same time congress holds a hearing on the radicalization of american muslims, thereby stirring a perfect storm of fear. what's the goal of this fear mongering? just think about it. what are people to do if they fear those in high places conspire to transform this country of modern justice into an ancient ritual of religious discipline and punishment -- stoning, the cutting off of hands, the arsenal of religious maiming. nay ear to vote out the people responsible for this horrendous state of affairs. vote for the republicans. you betcha. who are the ones raising the cry of danger within our midst? this silent creaming rise to